A method of obtaining a listing ( official listing) for shares. Where a company wishes its shares to be listed and it already has a wide range of shareholders such that the marketability of the shares on listing can be assumed, it is permitted to apply for a listing by means of introducing the shares to the market. In other circumstances, when the existing number of shareholders is too small for the marketability of the shares to be assumed, the company will be required to do a share issue to increase the number of shareholders. Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein financial glossary
See also offer for subscription, offer for sale, intermediaries offer and placing. Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein financial glossary
Introduction is a process that allows a company to join a stock exchange without raising capital. A company does not issue any fresh shares; it merely introduces its existing shares in the market. London Stock Exchange Glossary

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introduction in‧tro‧duc‧tion [ˌɪntrəˈdʌkʆn] noun [countable, uncountable]
1. the act of selling something or making it available for the first time:
introduction of

• the introduction of a new range of designer wear

• The Pacific Stock Exchange plans to delay the introduction of new share options.

2. when a particular system, law, method etc is used for the first time:
introduction of

• the introduction of value-for-money auditing

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   An introduction involves the listing of existing shares on a stock exchange. No new capital is raised and there is no transfer of ownership.

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introduction UK US /ˌɪntrəˈdʌkʃən/ noun
[U] COMMERCE, MARKETING the act of making goods or services available to be bought for the first time: the introduction of sth to sth »

The company has announced the introduction of a new games console to the market.

[C] COMMERCE, MARKETING a product or service that is made available for the first time: »

She has successfully enhanced the financial stability of the company through product introductions.

[U] the bringing in of something such as a new system, rule, or method: the introduction of sth »

Problems at the company have been caused by the introduction of a new computer system.


These procedures now only take a few seconds to complete thanks to the introduction of £30m of new technology.


She campaigned for the introduction of a national minimum wage.

[C or U] the act of introducing one person to another: »

Our next guest speaker needs little introduction.


Shall I do the introductions?

[C] the first part of something such as a book or report: introduction to sth »

In the introduction to the book I used data from the Performance Measurement Association.

LAW a situation in which a new law is formally suggested to be discussed and voted on by a parliament: »

The first step in Parliamentary procedure is the introduction and first reading of the bill.

Financial and business terms. 2012.


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